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A traditional hardwood installation for a Miami high-rise condominium

We offer hardwood floor installation, oak wood floor sanding, laminate flooring, engineered floors, and hardwood flooring services for residential and commercial. Exquisite hardwood flooring can truly make any space shine. We can take your hardwood designs to the next level for a sophisticated, distinct hardwood flooring that immediately catches the eye of your clients or guests and welcomes them into your office or home. Whether your space is commercial or residential, we offer a complete management of designing, installing, sanding, or refinishing your hardwood floors. We are also committed to using recycled, sustainable materials so that our environmental impact is minimal.


  • New Flooring Installation
  • Refinishing of All Types of Wood Floors Flooring Design
  • Nail / Glue Down Flooring Installations
  • Wood Stair Installation / Refinishing
  • Exotic Wood Floors / Floating Wood Floors
  • Oil-Base Polyurethane Application
  • Water-Base Polyurethane Application

In addition to traditional wood, laminated and bamboo flooring, we offer engineered hardwood flooring as a beautiful and sustainable alternative to traditional flooring. Flooring “GREEN” Practices The ground we step on can be just as important as the chemicals we release into the air, as unsustainable flooring materials are a major concern for both landfills and dwindling forests. Conventional wood flooring, such as oak and maple, contribute to the degradation of our forests as these trees take an inefficient amount of time to grow to a mature size. However, with more sustainable materials, we can eliminate unnecessary and inefficient logging. Additionally, by working with recycled wood we can make use of post-consumer materials and avoid landfill dumping.