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Bathroom Remodeling


The bathroom is the one room where you get the chance to really spoil yourself—to go all out in creating greater comfort and efficiency. Whether it’s a complete overhaul or a smart reinvention of your space—there’s no limit to how you can remodel and rearrange this most essential interior area. Step into a Jacuzzi garden tub or walk in to a tiled, multihead shower for a sauna-like experience. However you envision this oasis, MCX Construction will assist in the designing and remodeling of your bathroom.
Bathroom projects can vary from small and simple repairs such as caulking around tubs and showers to very large remodeling and addition projects. We will complete your small or large bathroom projects with high quality workmanship.

  • Design development
  • Design review
  • Demolition and repair work
  • Installation of insulation
  • Installation of walls and sub flooring
  • Preparation of drywall
  • Installation of wall and floor finishes
  • Installation of plumbing fixtures
  • Installation of miscellaneous accessories
  • Touch-up punch list / Clean up

MCX  Construction provides a professional team of designers at your service who can assist you in conceiving and translating your ideas into the final design. You can create your customized bathroom for yourself, your kids, or your guests’ area.
We can provide digital renderings of the final look of your bathroom, or simply assist you in the selection of the finishes and new fixtures for your project. If your bathroom is too small for your comfort, we can redesign your space and enlarge it. From a basic bathroom to a high-end, custom, spa-like space, MCX Construction guarantees your satisfaction.